Have You Watched 3 Secrets Of A Sleeping Baby Yet?
If not... it tells you some great information on getting your baby sleeping through the night and explains how you can work with us inside of our amazing Sleep Accelerator Course!
3 Secrets Of A Sleeping Baby - Brad & Greta 
Join Over 500 Families This Year Alone Just Like You Who Have Gotten Their Baby (And Themselves) Sleeping & Napping!

Join Our Sleep Accelerator Program And Take Advantage Of The $197 Special Price! 

Total Value $3,888

Live Special Price: One-Time Payment Of $197
-Sleep Accelerator Video Course
-Facebook Master-Mind Group
-Four Group Mentoring Sessions
-All The Bonuses, Free Updates, And More!
These moms & dads were tired, fed up, and frustrated just like you before they joined our course!  Watch their experiences below!
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What Does It Look Like To Purchase Our Sleep Accelerator Course?  Glad You Asked! 
Our course is unlike ANYTHING ELSE online from the design all the way down to the content we teach and how its taught! Here are the 3 amazing things you get inside our Sleep Accelerator Course...

Our Sleep Accelerator Course uses a simple 3-tier model

1. Online Video Course Permanent Access.  You get instant and PERMANENT access to our video course (over 90 videos and counting) that we have personally created that you can watch at your own pace on your own time.  The videos are broken into short segments on each topic that are straight to the point.  No long and drawn out explanations...just exactly what you need to do for any given topic.  This is perfect for getting your spouse or baby sitter on the same page.  They aren't likely going to read some 200 page book for you but they will stop and watch a 4 minute video on naps or teething or swaddling with you, getting you all on the same page! 

2.  Facebook Master-Mind Group Permanent Access.  Arguably the most valuable tier in our model is the ability to connect and do life with other like-minded moms, dads, and families inside of our course.  The community, friendships, and support going on with hundreds of our students is invaluable.  You'll get connected with moms and dads just like you.  Have twins?  So do lots of others in the group.  Having a 4th baby at age 38?  Having your first baby at 21? You'll meet them!  Whether they have completed our course months ago or are starting the same day as you the friendship and support is second to none! This is also a place you can ask Brad & Greta questions you have from the videos you've watched.  Thirdly, we go live regularly to give ongoing continued support and info!  The ongoing access with Brad & Greta is the key to long-term sustainable success in our program.

3.  Group Mentoring Video Sessions.  Why is our success rate so high? We make it about you!  Everyone's families are different and unique. We want to be sure you not only get your questions answered but that we make sure everything fits your family.  You get FOUR group mentoring sessions (usually 2-10 people per call) to use at your leisure.  You simply log onto a webcam or your mobile phone and see and speak with us directly to get your questions answered.  Ironically most people get in mentoring sessions for emotional and mental support.  Sleep training isn't always easy and sometimes you just need to hear from an expert that everything is going to be ok, that what you're doing is just fine, and it is for a short period of time and life will be so much better soon!  It's the closest thing to a real hug you can get :)
Sleep Accelerator Course

Get our ENTIRE course with everything we showed you for LESS than the price other consultants charge you for a one-hour phone call! 

Short Summary
- Permanent Access To The The Video Members Area
- Permanent Access To The Master-Mind Group
- 4 Group Mentoring Sessions (Use At Your Leisure) 
- FB Live Specials & More!

Detailed Summary Of 
 What You Get...
  • Thoughtful Theories: Change Your Mindset To Change Their Sleep! ($179 Value) - 3 Videos
  •  Rock Solid Routines: What To Do In Layman’s Terms ($249 Value) – 8 Videos 
  •  Baby’s First Year: The Lost Instruction Manual ($169 Value) – 7 Videos  
  •  Toddler Time: Beyond Year One ($199 Value) – 7 Videos 
  •  Trouble Shooting & Tips: When Things Don’t Go Well ($249 Value) – 12 Videos 
  •  ***Bonus #1 Baby Sleep Cheat Sheet ($99 Value)
  •  ***Bonus #2 Breastfeeding Survival Guide ($199 Value) 
  •  ***Bonus #3 Sibling Sleep Battle Plan ($199 Value) 
  •  Facebook Mastermind Group ($349 Value)
  •  4 Weekly Group Mentoring Sessions ($1,997 Value) 
  •  Facebook Live Interactions 
  •  FREE Updates 
  •  And MUCH More!

YES!  This Will Work For You And Your Family Dynamics Regardless 
Of Your Situation!

  •  Working Moms Who Send Their Baby To Day Care
  •   Stay At Home Moms (And Dads!)
  •  Families With Twins & Multiples
  •  Breast Fed Or Formula Fed Babies
  •  First Time Moms & Moms With Children
  •  If You Live In Houses, Apartments, Or Basements
  •  Split Shift Families
  •  Families With Nannies
  •  Pregnant Moms, 3 Day Olds, 3 Month Olds, 3 Year Olds!
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