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  • #1 Best Selling Book: Our 161 page paperback book contains everything you need to teach your baby the real skill of sleep and get sleeping fast!
  • Free Sleep Help Group: You'll get a FREE ticket into our sleep help group with 4,000+ moms JUST LIKE YOU getting their baby sleeping using this book! Most sleep consultants charge for a  group like this! 
"We'll pay for the book, 
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- Brad & Greta

"We'll pay for the book, 
you cover the shipping!"
- Brad & Greta

 HURRY! This FREE Offer Won't Last Long!

HURRY! This FREE Offer Won't Last Long!
"Proof That 'My Baby Can Sleep' Has Already Dramatically Changed Babies And Parents All Over The World From Tired And Grumpy To Sleeping And Happy!"
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- Getting a full night's sleep again .
- Being able to watch a whole movie without interruption...
- Having predictability and consistency in your schedule...
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Doesn't that sound AMAZING?  That's just the beginning of what 
My Baby Can Sleep will do for you and your family!   
- Who This Is For -
  • All Ages:  Whether you are expecting your first baby or have a two year old that won't sleep, our age appropriate recommendations will get you the help you need for age appropriate sleep!
  • Any Mom or Dad: It doesn't matter if baby goes to daycare, grandma watches them, or if you're a stay at home parent, this addresses all those circumstances and more! 
  • Any Schedule: Think you're too busy to sleep train?  Think again!  Most age appropriate babies get sleeping through the night withing a few days of implementing this book WITHOUT being on house arrest! 
  •  Yeah But:  Baby have bad gas?  Reflux?  Colicky?  Think you've tried everything?  This book is for you! 
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 "Our 18 month old and 2 month old was nursed to sleep. We decided we can't take it anymore. We tried other sleep programs that didn't work! By the second night our baby was sleeping through the night and haven't looked back since! We have 2 kids under 2 that sleep through the night!" -Katelyn
 "Life before MyBabyCanSleep was awful!  I was so excited to become a mom but I had no idea what I was doing!  I was so miserable!  Our whole house was going crazy!  I thought there was no way this would work but it did!  My baby slept through the night the second night.  I feel like jumping for joy!  My life is now insanely amazing!" -Katie
This book will take you step by step from your exhausted and frustrated state to sleeping 
and thriving fast!  It's designed to give you the simple shortcuts and routines that work!  
No more rocking baby for hours.  No more trips around the block in your car. 
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