FINALLY!  Get Your Baby (And Yourself) Sleeping FAST...GUARANTEED!
FINALLY!  Get Your Baby 
(And Yourself) Sleeping FAST...GUARANTEED!
Without Being On House Arrest for weeks and even if you breastfeed! 
Brad & Greta Zude, Founders of MyBabyCanSleep
  •  Get baby sleeping and napping
  •  Get your own sleep and rest back
  •  No more frustration and anxiety about sleep  
  •  Even if baby goes to daycare or you have a busy schedule
  •  Perfect for gassy & reflux babies
  •  Babies age 0-4yrs old.
  •  Get baby sleeping and napping
  •  Get your own sleep and rest back
  •  No more frustration and anxiety about sleep!  
  •  Even if baby goes to daycare or you have a busy schedule
  •  Perfect for gassy & reflux babies
  •  Babies age 0-4yrs old.
From: Brad & Greta
RE: Baby sleep

Dear Moms,
  So your baby isn't sleeping and napping huh? Do you want to get predictable daytime and nighttime sleep?  How about have the freedom to do simple things like shower or go out for a few hours?  Imagine watching a whole movie with your spouse without being interrupted by baby wakings, even feel confident enough to leave baby with grandma to go out on date nights again?  

If that sounds AMAZING then this is the most important letter you'll read all year.

Here's why...
  We're going to show you the secret sauce to make sleep training successful vs what you've probably already tried...because it's not just about some magical schedule, temporary tricks, or rubbing essential oils on baby's feet.  
The Plan vs. Sticking To Your Plan
Baby sleep happens when moms properly and consistently DO the right things at the right times and stay strong in the moment which requires ongoing emotional and mental support!  AT BEST, you've read about an optimal plan but in your exhaustion struggled sticking to the plan.  If baby deviates from the plan for one second or things don't go precisely 'by the book' and you don't know how to get back on're stuck! 

That's the problem with $10 dollar books on Amazon (or worse yet skimpy 
online e-books) doesn't come with and support or ability to ask questions ongoingly! 
In Other Words...
Information Alone Is NOT ENOUGH!
Getting Baby Sleeping REQUIRES Support!
We’re Brad & Greta Zude and we’re the founders of
We help moms and dads all over the world get their babies sleeping and napping through our 28 Day LIVE Sleep Challenge!  In fact, we GUARANTEE to make sleep happen or our money back through our ongoing mentorship model, giving you unlimited access to us to ensure sleep happens.   

Most moms & dads need a solid plan that fits their situation and the ability to ask some questions along the way and get supported in the moment when times get tough... just like a personal trainer keeps athletes focused at the gym!  

Tens of thousands of people have benefited from our videos and the ability to ask us questions ongoingly that have had millions of views online and featured in the most prominent baby resources!
      LIKE THE OLD SAYING GOES... if you could have gotten your baby sleeping on your own, you already would have.

Our 28 Day Live Sleep Challenge gives you the emotional and mental support AND  let's you ask us unlimited questions as much as you need in order to get baby sleeping fast. 

Most OTHER sleep consultants charge $300-$500 for a one-time 1 hour phone call about 1 child, where you talk about basic information applying only to the current problem, and after the call you're back on your own to fend for yourself. 

That model doesn't work, which is why our program is SO DIFFERENT.
1,200+ Families That Work With Us Now  Understand 
Getting Baby Sleeping  REQUIRES:
  •  A full system for the whole entire daytime, not just troubleshooting tips or tricks
  •  Easy to understand videos mom and dad can watch together and get on the same page
  • Ability to ask questions as 99% of babies don't 'follow the book'
  •  Emotional and mental support to actually then carry out the plan
  •  A full system for the whole entire daytime, not just troubleshooting tips or tricks
  •  Easy to understand videos mom and dad can watch together and get on the same page
  • Ability to ask questions ONGOINGLY  as 99% of babies don't 'follow the book'
  •  ONGOING Emotional and mental support to actually then carry out the plan
Watch What This System Has Done For Over 
1,200 Families!
HOWEVER...because we spend so much time with you ensuring your results and getting your questions answered daily, SPOTS ARE LIMITED FOR OUR PROGRAM, SO KEEP READING!!
You Have Only 2 Options 
To Help Baby Sleep...
1) The Awful Do-It-Yourself Approach
1) The Awful Do-It-Yourself Approach
Ever tried something on your own and had it not work out?   The Do-It-Yourself approach is the hardest route to take and it's probably what you're trying to do now.   We know this isn't working well or you wouldn't be reading this , so Let's not make a hard situation any harder than it has to be. Save ugly DIY projects for Home Depot and Pinterest, not for baby sleep!
2) Get The Help It Takes! 
Information Alone Is NOT ENOUGH! You Need The Emotional And Mental Support To Actually Do What Needs To Happen! We Go With You On The Journey And Let You Ask Us UNLIMITED QUESTIONS For LIFE! That's Why Our Success Rate Is Pretty Much 100%. We Make Sure It Happens! No Expiration, No Limitations On Asking Us Question!
According to our experience with tens of thousands of parents, 9 out of 10 moms who don’t get help spend the next 6-12 months in the same tiresome and hopeless position they are in now, with things usually getting much worse before they get better! It's all about the unparalleled ongoing support we offer!
Let's Get You Help!  Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get...

- You’ll discover how easy it is to reset baby’s schedule in just a few days
 - You’ll understand how to stabilize baby’s metabolism with the right schedule
- You’ll know your baby’s exact needs and how to properly meet them
-You'll Learn the best schedules to be on and how to tweak them.
- You'll discover the best ways to teach baby the skill of independent sleep!
- You’ll skip past the frustration of doing it alone in our community
- You’ll avoid the next several months of sleep deprivation and anxiety about nighttime
Tessa,  10 Week Old Baby
"An an exclusively breastfeeding mom I didn't think sleep was possible!  Our home environment is soo different now and have never had a happier baby! 
Amy, 9 Month Old
"Joining MyBabyCanSleep was the best decision I've ever made! We tried everything under the sun. I was missing the support aspect! It took us 2 days and baby was sleeping through the night!" 
Julia,  16 Month Old
"My baby can sleep!! We were co-sleeping and that wasn't working for us anymore! We started the program and within a few days we were sleeping all night!  It feels so good! It's not too late to sleep train! Definitely worth it."  
Katelyn,  2 Kids Under 2
" We were nursing to sleep and our kids never slept through the night.  We tried other sleep programs that didn't work.  Our baby slept through the night on day 2 and we never looked back!  Baby 2 came along and is now sleeping too!  Life changer. " 
Grace,  7 Month Old
" I had about every  bad habit there was going on.  Up every hour nursing etc.  No date nights.  We joined MyBabyCanSleep and it's by FAR the best purchase we've ever made. " 
When you can get your questions answered everyday in our 28 Day Sleep Challenge Support Group you’ll have the support needed to be CONFIDENT about your plan to get baby sleeping fast.

Remember...a happy baby is a sleeping baby! The #1 thing reported from our students above anything else is how happy baby becomes when they sleep! 
- Imagine being able to go to your friends house at night and being the couple that can put their baby down without embarrassment and actually enjoy your evening!
- Imagine putting your baby in the crib and saying "Goodnight! I love you!  Sweet dreams!"  and going back to your own bed and getting a full nights sleep!
- Imagine no more children in your bed!
- Wouldn't it be great to get your children to stay in their own bed?
So Here's The Bottom Line With Our 
28 Day Live Sleep Challenge
 - You’ll get LIFETIME access to our video training system for ages birth-3 years old! There's not a issue we don't cover and go way beyond sleep. There's a video for any situation! 
- You'll get 28 days access to our 28 Day Sleep Challenge Facebook Group where you can ASK UNLIMITED QUESTIONS anytime and interact with Moms & Dads just like you! 
- You'll Get 4 Group Mentoring Sessions where you can log onto a group video call and  speak with us directly on camera! 
28 Day Access To Our Sleep Challenge Support Group

LIFETIME Access To Our Video Training Series Ages 0-3

4 Group Mentoring Video Chat Sessions Directly With Brad & Greta
But That's Not All!
Let Us Sweeten The Pot Even More!  Join TODAY And We'll Include These Bonuses FREE! 

BONUS #1: Most sleep consultants charge per child. We want to work with your whole family and let you ask sleep questions about any child, which is what our family pass allows you to do and it's yours FREE when you join right now!

BONUS #2: Get paid $100 for every person you refer to our program, whether you know them or not! No waiting period, you can start earning immediately if you choose!

BONUS #3: FREE E-Book Copy of our #1 Best Selling Baby Sleep Book 'My Baby Can Sleep'. Learn the origins of MyBabyCanSleep, how it accidentally came about, how we practically went viral online, and how it almost never happened! 

BONUS #4: Don't like to read? Us either, which is why our program is based on videos! So we decided to include the audio version of our book for your to listen on the go! 

And you have nothing to lose because...

We GUARANTEE Your Success! 

We guarantee to get babies who are 12 weeks old or older by the end of our 28 day challenge sleeping 8 hours or your money back. ALL WE ASK... is that you watch the required videos, ask questions in the challenge group, and attend your mentor sessions. We don't refund money for any reasons outside our Action Based Sleep Guarantee. If you do exactly what we say and sleep doesn't happen, we'll gladly refund your money. That's our promise to you! 
 We just don't let people fail! It's that simple.
So Here's How To Start Your 28 Day Sleep Challenge RIGHT NOW!
So go ahead and click the join link now and you'll be on your way to enjoying all the benefits we've talked about here and more! Let's get started right now!

Take Advantage Of The 28 Day Live Sleep Challenge  Mentoring System Now!

Let’s finally get you sleeping!
Brad & Greta

P.S. - We spend so much time with our students that we usually end up shutting this offer down after enough people join.   Don’t let that happen to you! The only thing you have to lose is more sleep by not joining now!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are Your Methods? Stabilize metabolism through a solid eat, play ,sleep schedule and then begin teaching baby the skill of going from fully wide awake to full asleep without the help of anyone or anything 
  •  Will This Work For My Baby's Age? Our program is designed for babies aged 0-2 years old. 
  •   When Does My Challenge Start? Your 28 day access starts the day you join! You'll get instant access to the video training and the Facebook Challenge Group so you can get started and get sleeping asap, even if you're reading this at 2am !  
  •  When Should Baby Sleep Through The Night? Most babies who are normal and healthy have the ability to sleep 8 hours through the night around the 8-10 week mark. If you have a baby younger than that this is still perfect for you as we will get you nice solid predictable stretches of sleep so you can do simple things like shower, and then you'll be on track to easily transition to 8 hours by 8 weeks old! 
  •   Is There Crying In Your Program? Yes. It is impossible to do it without crying, especially if there are lots of bad habits needing to be fixed. We use the least amount of crying possible and recommend checking on baby after certain periods of time, never leaving them to cry it out all night. Anyone who tells you there isn't crying in sleep training is simply just telling you what you want to hear and not reality.   
  •  Will This Work For My Situation? Yes! No matter what the logistical circumstances like baby being in the room with a sibling, baby going to daycare, or if you breastfeed, this is for you! We work with over 1,200 families and know exactly what to do for your exact situation. 
  •  I've Tried Something Like This Already... We beg to differ, even if you've hired another sleep consultant in the past! Remember this is about full and complete on-going access to Brad & Greta who dive in and troubleshoot your situation. Most families try things for too short a period of time or do things in the wrong order. We are there every step of the way, back up what we teach, and are around to see the results. That's why we GUARANTEE your success of your money back. You've not experienced anything like this before as nothing like it is available anywhere else! 

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